Momentum Moves Us!

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Thursday, April 8, 9:30am

Learn the Moves!


We know it's a challenge to find new ways to engage our students in creative movement.

We know movement invigorates the body and the mind. 

We know dance is one of the most enjoyable forms of movement. The energy it produces can motivate us to share that joy with others and inspire creativity in other forms.

Check out the video and see for yourself!

Momentum Moves Us

Virtual Flash Mob

Inspired by a principal to bring joy to their teachers and students, "Momentum Moves Us" is an uplifting 3-minute choreographed routine staff and students from K to 8 can perform together. And it's being offered to every school for free!

Be part of the MOVEment!

Build Momentum at your school in just 3 easy steps...

1-Learn the dance

Watch the video tutorial for your grade level, learn the dance and practice. Check the Resources section for music and info.

2-Share the love! Share the Moves!

Pass this website on to other schools! The more love we share, the more Momentum we can build! Participation is not limited to any school board or city.

3-Dance together

As a classroom, a school, a community! Create your own mini virtual flash mob!

Our goal is to create the greatest MOVEment ever with a Virtual Flash Mob Thursday, April 8 at 9:30am.  Join in the fun by dancing together in celebration before going on a much deserved Spring Break.

Register for the Challenge!

Let us know you'll be there in spirit by registering and your school will be entered into a draw for a free 3-month subscription to our online lessons!

@momentummoves - Connect with us on Facebook or instagram and join our live video at 9:15 on April 8!




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