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Now your students can experience the elements of dance with Mr. Bill, Amber and Simon through a variety of Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop and Contemporary dance routines.

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I could tell that the students learned a lot, for example counting the 8 beats, listening to directions in French to perform movements, putting movements together to create movement phrases.


Mme. Gravelle - Grade 2

Kars on the Rideau Public School

These are the comments from my students:' you were funny'; you use humour to get the class engaged'. You got us motivated and you were creative in your dance moves!


Mme Perrin - Gr. 3 EFI C&D

OCVIRTUAL (CentralWest)

Thanks for an awesome lesson, the students were fully engaged and challenged. Your instructions allowed the students to learn and enjoy dancing, but best of all, many overcame their fear and hesitation towards dancing!


Stef Bergh - Grade 7/8

The American School of Kinshasa

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